FEAR: The one thing that can destroy our future....

Yesterday, Tomorrow, Present -
"She Threw A Stone Tomorrow"
is the futuristic novel that is
happening now - you must read
it to prepare for the future.

Just when you thought it was safe to wake up from your dreams ....

From: Iya Ifalola Omobola

Dear Fellow Traveler,

Following, in true style, my award-winning "Heeding the Ancestral Call" and "Devil Ain't Nothin' But A Five Letter Word," "She Threw A Stone Tomorrow" takes the wisdom and guidance offered in those two books and plants them into a in-your-face type of reality that there is no denying. It is called "fiction" but is actually happening in front of our very eyes.

"Everyone had talked of a war. They had all been prepared for an attack from the Great Bear, Russia, but she had become docile. The Berlin wall had come down and the Middle East had come to some sort of, albeit strained, accord that had lasted for some years now. Africa had finally recovered from the internal turmoil that almost destroyed her and promised to show the world a new order. Unfortunately, the government’s manmade diseases gone awry finally met their mark and most of her populace had been wiped out. No one seemed to notice. They all had problems of their own.


"Then it was thought that the war would be a civil one - black against white, haves against have-nots, natives against foreign born. While the baited struggles tittered dangerously on the edge of reality, the suspected war never really manifested itself in that direction either, much to the bitter dismay of those powers that had manipulated such struggles all along.

"No one suspected that it was to be a spiritual war. Not the religious wars of years past with one nation’s beliefs colliding with those of another. No. This war had gone back to the basics and was a fight to the finish. It was a war between good and evil. Nothing more and nothing less. Yet, it was the most difficult war to decipher, because the good guys were dressed in black and had to walk the shadows.

"No one had been able to foresee that the warriors would be the children."

In Dedication:

When apparent stability disintegrates,
As it must-
God is Change-
People tend to give in
To fear and depression,
To need and greed.
When no influence is strong enough
To unify people
They divide.
They struggle,
One against one,
Group against group,
For survival, position, power.
They remember old hates and generate new ones,
They create chaos and nurture it.
They kill and kill and kill,
Until they are exhausted and destroyed,
Until they are conquered by outside forces,
Or until one of them becomes
A leader
Most will follow,
Or a tyrant
Most fear.

"Earthseed: The Books of the Living"
Lauren Oya Olamina

- Octavia E. Butler
(1947 - 2006)

"This is not some far out there in the
cosmos lecture on science versus theology..."

"You can't simply read "She Threw A Stone Tomorrow," by Ìyá Ifálolá Omóbólá; child, you got to ingest it. If you fortunate enough to free your mind, you will find yourself wandering through the pages looking for the true meaning of your own existence. You will question the essence of life, of love, and your quest for spiritual enlightenment in the age of cyber morality gone wrong.

This is not some far out there in the cosmos lecture on science versus theology. These are Ifa principles, this is Odu, this is Ancestor-wit, this is AfriKan third eye intellectualism. This is a novel light-years ahead of its time. It is ingeniously wicked and yet it speaks to who we Displaced AfriKans are this very second children ducking and dodging industrialized plantations.

Maybe, just maybe after reading Olóyabí and Malcolm's vision quest we can fine tune our psyches and salvage what's left of our pre-soaked brains. Perhaps then we can consensually decide to either burn the plantation to the ground or rob that sucka blind - reparations style."

Omo Awo Faniyi Mawiyah Bomani
Shreveport, LA

The first of a series starring Olóyabí and Malcolm as they venture through the muck and mire of the Astral World to bring about a semblance of sanity to our changing reality.

Step Into The World of
Tomorrow's Today ... Now

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"She Threw A Stone Tomorrow"


Hoping to see you on the other side,
Iya'falola H. Omobola

P.S. There is only one reason not to get hold of these principles. You've allowed the media and powers-that-be to frighten you so much that you are just too plain scared to do so.

P.P.S. C'mon. I double-dare you to jump down into the rabbit hole and see how far you really can go!

Disclaimer: This book is a creation of my imagination. An imagination that is based upon years of personal experience and through proven technique in my role as spiritual counselor. The principles discussed herein will not work for everyone. They will only work for those who are willing to give up their pre-conceived notions and venture down the path less traveled. And then the fun begins...

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